Methods Plus was founded in 1987
by Beverly B. de Monterice. Ms.
de Monterice has an intensive background in both business operations and computer applications. With a degree in business and post graduate education in computer programming, she brings a mastery of computer technology to her experience in devising timesaving and cost-saving procedures for day-to-day business activities.

Having served at all rungs of the corporate ladder, from truck driver, to postal delivery worker, to secretary, to word processing manager, to Director of Operations for a business services company with 66 offices nationwide, Ms. de Monterice has bottom to top view of how things get done.

Feeling there was an opportunity for a new business creating and developing computer-based management systems, Ms. de Monterice established Methods Plus. Soon her company was devising unique, automated operating procedures for both Fortune 500 clients and small businesses. The American Management Association, recognizing the uniqueness of her systems, made them the subject of a special feature in their magazine.

In her seminar talks to businesses, Ms. de Monterice's focus is on the computer as a tool to save time, money and effort. And to achieve greater efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. It is a goal she feels is as important for small businesses with their limited staff, as it is for large ones.


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