Database Design: Databases are essential tools for businesses of all sizes, particularly small businesses with their limited manpower. We interview your key personnel, analyze your business objectives, aid you in defining a strategic plan, and examine your current systems and procedures before proceeding with the database design. To minimize the design costs we create our databases using the powerful, yet user-friendly, FileMaker Pro, a cross-platform, off-the-shelf software program.

Systems Consulting: Sometimes the systems and procedures a business employs are used not because they are the most efficient, but simply because that’s the way things have always been done. We examine these systems with an eye toward simplification, efficiency and increased employee productivity, redesigning and restructuring them where necessary.

New Business Setup: For a new business we do a thorough analysis of its planned operations, including not only its goals, but also the need of its clients. Then we design the systems – both paper and computer-based – to achieve the company’s objectives most efficiently and effectively.

Training: When we create a custom database, it is designed to require the most minimal expertise on the part of the user. What little education may be needed is provided during the on-site installation and training session.


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